CCTV Maintenance

CCTV maintenance Packages include:
Visually inspect all major components and connections for signs of deterioration or damage
Smiley face ► Check all control equipment (DVRs, NVRs, monitors, multiplexers, video switches, etc) for correct operation
► Check mains & power supplies.
► Check environmental conditions for adverse effects, including growth or shrubbery obscuring camera views
► Check time and date settings in equipment and update the settings as appropriate
► Check integrity of all cabling and sample check external insulation for damage
► Clean cable fixings for security
► Clean cameras, lenses and housing surfaces as necessary
► Clean control equipment surfaces including PC (if applicable)
► Establish regular back-ups are taken
► Check camera is aligned to user specification, pictures for correct field of view and adjust as necessary
► Check brackets, towers and fixings for corrosion or damage. Check clamping bolts/brackets are tightened correctly
► Check quality of recording during day time and night time modes
► Check pan and tilt assembly (if any) including fixings, electrical connections and functions.
► Check the satisfactory CCTV transmission of images to remote site (if applicable)
► Check warning signs are in place
► Check all camera presets